Trucker caught making mobile card payment

15 May 2019

…The problem for the driver was that he was making this payment while travelling along the M40 near Leamington Spa when he was filmed by one of a fleet of three unmarked “supercabs” being used by Highways England.

It said: “This would be appalling behaviour by any driver, using any vehicle. But the driver’s in an HGV. A vehicle that’s capable of placing other road users at significant risk of serious injury and loss of life, if it's not controlled properly. He’s also a professional – expected to meet a higher standard of conduct because driving is his job.”

The supercabs have helped identify and apprehend thousands of dangerous drivers in the past year as they allow police officers to film evidence of unsafe driving behaviour by pulling alongside other vehicles.

The drivers are then stopped by police cars that follow a short distance behind the supercab.

Also known as “spycabs”, the vehicles have a de-restricted speed limiter, enabling them to travel at speeds up to the national speed limit. They also have blue flashing lights installed, which can be used by the police officers in them in an emergency.

Used by 29 police forces over the past year, the adapted lorries have helped identify over 3000 unsafe drivers and it is hoped that this week on the M1 they will encourage everyone to think about how their driving can be improved.

Starting on Monday 13 May 2019, the week of action will see all three cabs travelling England’s most used motorway — the M1.

During the week, Highways England’s traffic officers will also be cooperating with the emergency services to provide free tyre checks and safety tips to drivers at M1 service stations.

The most common offences identified by officers in the spycabs are:

  • not wearing a seatbelt

  • using a mobile phone

  • not being in proper control of a vehicle

  • speeding.